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All news

22.05.2017 15:30:52
Приглашаем на выставку!
Мы рады пригласить вас на ежегодную международную выставку «RosUpack 2017», которая состоится в павильоне №1 МВЦ «Крокус Экспо», г. Москва, с 20 по 23 июня 2017г.
28.06.2016 16:20:58
Enhanced control
Early in Summer 2016 we launched the second laboratory of Quality Control
04.04.2016 16:12:02
New record!
Higher and higher
11.01.2016 16:06:22
6+1 = 7
New extrusion line to be put into service in January 2016
21.10.2015 15:56:47
Safe warehousing
In Autumn 2015 brand new warehouse was put into service
11.09.2015 15:46:27
Do what you can best
In September 2015 a brand new line of flexographic printing equipment was put into service
15.06.2015 15:23:02
Quarter-century of progress
On the 12th of June 2015 our company celebrated the 25 years’ anniversary
27.02.2015 15:11:50
Expanding the possibilities…
Stretch Hood films with sleeve perimeter of 6400 mm
19.01.2015 15:04:00
The Macchi-6 line
In January 2015 the start of Macchi-6
15.12.2014 14:35:46
Package safety
In December 2014 our company conducted safety certification BRC IoP
31.05.2014 11:32:16
Besides the manufacturing achievements our company is also successful in sports!
30.11.2013 12:26:16
Macchi +1
In November 2013 we started a new Macchi extruder to fulfill our collection of the most modern Italian equipment.
31.08.2013 00:00:00
New section!
In August 2013 the new manufacturing site was put into operation.
30.04.2013 00:00:00
New products
In April 2013 our range of products was enriched by the unique Stretch Pack film.
31.01.2012 01:00:00
Wide format printing
In January 2012 we put into service new equipment for flex printing. Dicle 4-2200 joined the existed Dicle 4-1600 to allow making high-quality printing on polymeric films.

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Purchasing department:

Semashkina Julia

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