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Barrier films

Barrier films

Nowadays there is an increasing rate of utilization of the films with high barrier characteristics as cling wraps. It stems from the fact that the producers endeavour to guarantee the maximum storage life for their products.

Among the vast variety of films utilized as a wrap material those with low gas permeability (oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen) are called barrier films. They also perform as reliable water, smell and odor barriers.

Foil-containing films had been used to prolong the best-before date until recently. But due to foil’s high price multilayer polymeric films with barrier materials EVOH and PA are getting more and more popular.

Barrier films Barrier films

Depending on the barrier layer type barrier films are divided into two groups: High- and Mid-Barrier. The Mid-Barrier films are produced using PA barrier layer, High-Barrier contain EVOH layer. It’s important to mention, that EVOH layer performs barrier characteristics 100 times as much as PA layer, but on the other hand the High-Barrier films’ strength properties are lower than the ones of the Mid-Barrier. The reason for this is the high crystallinity of EVOH. Combined utilization of PA and EVOH layers provides an opportunity to get a material with high both barrier and strength properties.

Depending on the structure barrier films are divided into Symmetric and Asymmetric. Following the name, there may be symmetry in the film’s structure around a central layer. Consider two structures:

LLDPE/adhesive/PA/adhesive EVOH/ adhesive /PA/ adhesive /LLDPE – symmetric high-barrier film; PA/adhesive/ PA/adhesive/LLDPE – asymmetric mid-barrier film.

Due to the variety of types barrier films have vast application areas. They are used as cover films, trays for chilled goods or as pharmaceutical and heat-shrink films.

Mid-barrier films are used mainly for products’ vacuum packaging. These films may be heat formed while packaging if necessary. Thus, packaging of products of any weight and form is possible.

High-barrier films consist of several polymeric layers; either one EVOH layer or two PA and one EVOH layers are used to provide barrier properties: PE/adhesive/EVOH/adhesive/PE or PE/adhesive/PA/EVOH/PA/adhesive/PE.

An EVOH layer provides high gas barrier properties, which allows using this material for packaging in modified gas environment. PA layers increase barrier properties and protect the EVOH layer from moist and provide film flexibility.

Barrier films Barrier films

Packaging in modified gas environment provides an additional protection of products from the external impact; the best before date can be increased ten times as much as if using other packaging films and compositions.

Surely the main advantage of using these types of films is the possibility to expand the retention period of perishable foods in modified gas environment with no preservation agents. This supplies a customer with fresh natural goods of the finest quality.

Our mid- and high-barrier thermoformable (bottom) films may be heat formed in vacuum easily to provide the uniform depth of a tray.

High-barrier top films may be used for sealing of trays and boxes.

The internal thermosealing layer of the top film may be produced using antiphage doping agent, which prevents sweating and provides the visibility of a product through the packing. We produce films with peel effect to allow an easy package opening-up.

Multilayer barrier films may be a great choice for the manufacturers of high quality food-grade package. Our films are produced on the 9-layer extrusive Kiefel Evolution line and have the following advantages:

  • complex structure of films results from combining of 9 layers of different materials to meet the customer’s requirements;
  • high permeability resistance (moist, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) allows increasing significantly the retention period of a product;
  • transparency and gloss of the film provides an advantageous trade dress of a product – a customer may always take a close look at the product inside the package;
  • sealability – we use materials providing a tight seam even under high temperature;
  • high strength – our films are resistant to disruption, tearing and puncture to provide a reliable package for your products. It's especially of a great concern for frozen products.

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